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यहां पर छपाकी,खारश,दमां,खांसी,पुराना नजला,शूगर,कमर दर्द,पीलिया,पेट गैस ,जोड़ों का दर्द,बवासीर आदि बिमारीयों का इलाज किया जाता है।


Ayurveda literally means “The Science of Life” for the promotion of positive health and prevention and cure of diseases. It is in practice in India and its neighboring countries since time immemorial.

“Health”, according to Ayurveda, is not merely the freedom from diseases. A person is to be treated as healthy only when his mind, sense, organs and the soul are in the state of perfect of equilibrium to endow happiness. In addition, the body should be free from diseases.

Ayurveda lays a lot of emphasis on the prevention and cure of diseases. Therefore several therapeutic measures both for patients and healthy persons are prescribed in this system of medicine.

What Ayurveda Does
1. Preservation and promotion of positive health
2. Prevents diseases
3. Cures diseases.

Chronic Diseases treated safely:

Benefits from Ayurveda : 

1. Prevents aging process.
2. Corrects fatigue.
3. Cures nervous disorders.
4. Improves eye sight.
5. Nourishes the tissues.
6. Prolongs the span of life.
7. Corrects sleep disturbances.
8. Corrects stress / strains.
9. Corrects joint and bone disorders.
10. Improves digestive tract functions.
11. Enhances beauty and completion.
12. Cures from various diseases .
(Specially those which are not cured by the other medical systems)

Holistic V/s Modern Medicine: 

  • Holistic Medicine eliminates the root cause of the disease, whereas the Modern Medicine suppresses the symptoms temporarily.
  • Holistic Medicines are natural medicines Free from Chemicals. Mother nature is the resource of Holistic Medicines.
  • Holistic Medicines is cheaper in comparison to Modern Medicine.
  • Holistic Medicine achieves lasting cures for Chronic Diseases.
  • Holistic Medicine keeps you free from side effects caused by Allopathic Medicine.
  • Holistic Medicine makes use of natural medicines - herbs, oils made from nature.
  • Holistic Medicine cures the person as a whole being - It does not cure the disease but the diseased person.
  • Holistic Medicine takes care of the Mind, Body and Soul as well.
  • Holistic Medicine gives the preventive or curative measures for disease / surgery.
  • Holistic Medicine guarantees the individual of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Health.
  • Ayurvedic Remedies

    Acne and Pimples
    The aggravation of tridosha or the three energies of the body results in the occurrence of acne, pimples and blackheads. In all pitta dosha is effected the most and it happens so due to the excessive intake of alcohol, tea, coffee, spicy, oily and fried foods.
    Stress, tension, pollution and chemicals are also among the major causes that aggravates Pitta dosha and result in acne, boils, pimples and rashes.
  • A paste made from one teaspoon each of sandalwood powder and turmeric mixed with milk, is very good. A paste of nutmeg and water is also beneficial.
  • Half a cup of Aloe Vera pulp can be taken internally (Do not take internally if pregnant) or applied externally to the skin. Dosage: Twice a day.
  • Before going to bed, was the face thoroughly and then apply a paste of 1 Tsp. coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • For pimples, apply a paste made from one teaspoon of cumin seeds. Remove after one hour.
  • A paste of fresh fenugreek leaves, applied and washed off with warm water before going to bed prevents pimples.

    Imbalance of Bhrajaka Pitta that colors the skin and can be compared to melanin causes blackening, pigmentation and discoloration of skin. Excessive exposure to the sun, irregular eating, sleeping habits and consumption of foods and drinks that aggravate pitta are responsible for the aggravation of bhrajka pitta also.

  • Grind five almonds and mix with 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this paste to the face and neck. Leave on for about fifteen minutes.
  • Apply papaya juice, or mashed papaya, to the affected areas.
  • Grind equal amounts of sesame seeds and turmeric in a small quantity of
  • Water Apply to the face or discolored skin.
  • Make a paste from basil (tulsi) leaves and water to use on the affected skin.
    Premature Aging

    This is due to the aggravation of vata dosha, which naturally increases with age. Thus aging is something that can be prevented to come to early but can't be cured as such. It's a natural ongoing process and beyond human limit to control it.
    Aging causes dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Factors like excessive thinking, stress, tension, over work, strain, irregular sleeping and eating habits and cold or dry foods enhance aging. Foods containing artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and chemicals also aggravate the Vata dosha and fasten aging.

  • Massage the face with ghee, almond oil or coconut oil before going to bed.
  • Use grated cucumber in a face pack.
  • Apply fresh aloe Vera gel to the skin.